Friday, January 21, 2011

Pinch Pot Monsters


One of my talented students thought up this clever idea to create a sculpture from a basic pinch pot.  Start by cutting about 1/2 pound block of clay in half.
Take one piece and roll it into a sphere.

Push your thumb into the sphere and squeeze around the sides to create a pinch pot.

This pinch pot becomes the mouth of your monster, so shape it however you'd like the mouth to be positioned to show an emotion.  Mine's going to be wide mouthed and yelling!


Now its time to add on your monsters parts.  I've created five spheres for eyes. 

Don't forget to use a scoring tool to scratch-to-attach all of your parts on!

You can use a tool to add details like pupils for the eyes.

I rolled out a coil of clay and then flattened it to create a tongue. 

Feet can be made by rolling out a coil of clay and flattening just the foot, then use a knife to cut individual toes.  You can also use a small tool to push in toenail shapes too. 

It is better to attach the feet to a wide surface rather than edge to edge, they are less likely to break off this way.  Gently flip your monster over and scratch-to-attach the bottom of your pinch pot and the feet, then blend together.  The tongue can be attached the same way inside of the mouth. 

The tail is made by rolling out a coil of clay so that it is thinner at one end and thicker at the other.  Scratch-to attach the thicker end and blend it into the body shape when you attach it on, this will be fragile so make sure that it is securely attached before you start moving your sculpture around.  


Small cone shapes can be made and added onto the tail to create spikes.


Spiky teeth can be added inside the mouth as well. 
The back of a tool can be used to add texture to your monsters skin. 

B Cr8iv with all of the varieties of pinch pot monsters you can make!

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