Saturday, May 14, 2011

Build A Better Burger

My students LOVE this project!  We've created realistic burgers like the one pictured here and also themed ones-like bug or candy burgers.  My students imagination's run wild with ideas of what kind of burger a mermaid might like to eat, maybe seaweed lettuce and starfish cheese!

To create these realistic pop art burgers I have students start at the bottom and work their way up and usually I require them to have 6 or more layers to their burger.  Each item added is shaped by hand or using tools to give each piece unique texture.  I encourage students to be creative with what they're adding on-squirts of ketchup, pickle slices, maybe a side of fries.  I have students stack but not attach them together.  The only item that is actually scratched-to-attached on is the sesame seeds.  Once bisque fired, each item is still separate which makes each item easier to glaze.  After all the items are glazed, they are re-stacked and when glaze fired, the glaze will fuse the pieces together where ever they are touching. 
!!!B CR8IV!!!


  1. I just introduced this lesson to my advanced 8th grade ceramics class with mixed results and successes. 50% of the burgers cracked and split in the glaze kiln, the smaller the circumference the better results, I would advise not exceeding 4-5" in diameter, I would also recommend not exceeding 5 layers as there is a possibility of items slipping off during the glaze firing - great project idea and with modifications I think will be a success.

    1. Was hoping to start this project this week! So glad I came back and read your comments. A 5" diameter hamburger is life sized. From what you could tell by inspecting the pieces is that the larger ones were more susceptible to breaking?

      I just read on Ceramics Art Daily to mix a little Elmer's glue with the glaze and dab a small amount for adhering purposes until the pieces get into the kiln.