Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Wizards with a crystal ball (aka: marble!) are super fun for students to create and are a lesson in using cones as a 3-D shape. To start, roll out a slab of clay that is about 3/8ths of an inch thick and then use a paper template to cut out the shape of a large cone.  Wrap the clay up into a cone and scratch-to-attach the edges together.  Next roll out a coil of clay that you can scratch-to-attach near the top of the cone, this will become the brim of the hat.  Once the coil is well attached, pinch the edges with your fingers to thin it out and shape it.  Then roll out two coils of clay that are also cone shaped to create the arms, scratch-to-attach them on so that the hands are facing out in front.  Cutting out two ovals and attaching them to the bottom of the cone make feet poking out from under the wizard's robe.  I created two spheres for eyes and a small cone for the nose that were all scratched-to-attached on.  For the hair, beard and mustache, I used a garlic press to create "spaghetti hair", it's fun to make, but a little tricky to attach, make sure students take their time with this part.  Encourage students to turn their sculptures around and look at them from all sides, adding details or decoration as desired.  Bisque fire your wizards, glaze them and fire them again.  Once finished, you can glue the crystal ball into their hands.

!!!B CR8IV!!!

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