Friday, June 1, 2012

3-D Clay People

To begin this project I have students identify the names of basic 3-D shapes (sphere, cylinder, cube, pyramid, cone, rectangular prism & egg).   Then each student gets a small piece of clay to practice making all of these shapes using only their fingers and the flat surface of the table to make them.  Once everyone has practiced making each of these shapes we discuss how we can attach them together to create a person.  For example: a cone for a body, an egg for a head, cylinders for arms or legs, a cube to sit on to help them balance etc....  I give students more clay and allow them to make larger 3-D shapes and multiples of the shapes to start to build their sculpture.  Remember that all of the shapes need to be scratch-to-attached together or they will fall apart when the clay dries.  The shapes can also be given textures and patterns using tools to add details to your sculptures.  Challenge students to keep adding on parts using only these basic shapes. 

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