Friday, December 30, 2011

Bunny Slippers

What is better than cozy pink bunny slippers? Well, maybe not cozy since they're built with clay, but still very cute!  Students started these by rolling out a slab of clay that was 3/8ths of an inch thick and traced their shoe onto the clay.  Next they used a half oval shaped slab of clay to create the rounded arch of the toe.  Each foot is a different size, so they'll have to estimate the size and then cut it to adjust for each foot.  Scratch-to-attach around the edges and use a little newspaper stuffed inside the arch to help support it while they add on other elements.  Two long triangles for ears and a small triangle for the nose are cut out of a slab of clay and attached on.  They can add a tail if they'd like and the eyes, mouth and whiskers can be drawn on with tools or added on with pieces of clay.  This student used high temperature wire pushed into the clay for whiskers.  They can also use tools to create a fuzzy texture on the surface of the clay.  Students signed their names on the slipper where the designers name would normally be.  Other animals would also make very cute slippers too!

!!!B CR8IV!!!  

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