Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pool People

Dreaming of Summer....this amazing piece was made by one of my students and it won Honorable Mention in the National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition! Yahoo!
These pool people are created by starting with a basic pinch pot for the pool, students are encouraged to play with the shape and texture of the pool, especially the exterior.  Next have students roll a log of clay the height that they want their person to be and about 2" thick.  With a knife slice into the bottom of the log to create 2 legs and then cut 2 diagonal cuts for the arms.  Squeeze the neck and round out the head with your fingers.  This should give you the basic body parts, next you can add details like a bathing suit, hair (we used a garlic press), fingers, toes and don't forget pool toys too!  Lastly, have students position their people into the pool, but don't attach them to the pool.  This girl is just relaxing on the side, but remember they can be doing a handstand or floating on their backs etc...  Once you are finished building, let the pieces dry and then bisque fire them.  Glaze all of the parts and position your person and their pool toys into the pinch pot.  Before loading the pieces in the kiln add in some pieces of glass (colored, clear or marbles).  You don't need a lot of glass to give the effect of water once it melts in the kiln.  The people and items will be attached to the pool after the firing on a permanent summer vacation!
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  1. Love it! I just discovered your blog - you have some great clay projects for kids. We do a pinch pot project with melted marbles and the kids (of course) love it. But I never thought of simulating a swimming pool. Thanks for posting.

    Rina (my new art blog is

  2. What cone are you using for this? I've tried this in the past with marbles, and the glass came out bubbly. Thanks!

  3. I am interested in what cone you used to melt the marbles?

    1. I fire the pieces to cone 05. Sometimes they do bubble a little, I've discovered that if you overload it with too much glass you get more bubbling.