Friday, December 23, 2011

Photo Collage

OK, so I know this isn't a clay project, so what is it doing on my blog you ask??  Well, it is a mixed media project and it could become a 3-D sculpture if you kept adding the boards together or created a cube out of multiple boards.  But the real reason I'm sharing this project is, I'll be creating these photo collages with my little artists in Haiti with Project HOPE Art in less than 2 weeks and I just wanted to share one of the projects we'll be doing there with the girls of OJFA (Young Girls In Action-in French).  If you'd like to donate to this amazing project click here: DONATE NOW!  Thank you and Happy Holidays!!

So here's how you do it!  Start by selecting and printing out a black and white photo of your choice onto plain white paper.  Use scissors or preferably an x-acto knife (if your students are old enough) to cut out the portions you are interested in using.  Think about the placement of the photo and glue it down onto a board (I used some scrap pieces of matte board I got for free at a framing shop).  Use a regular pencil to lightly sketch out what else you'd like to include in your piece and then use colored pencils to color the photo and enhance the area around the photo. Use your creativity to place the photo in a unique landscape or setting.

!!B CR8IV!!

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