Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Heart Boxes

A fun Valentine's gift and easy to make!  Start by rolling out a slab of clay that is about 3/8ths of an inch thick and cut out two identical hearts, one will be the lid and one will be the bottom.  HINT: I let my younger students use cookie cutters.  Next cut a strip of clay that will become the wall of the box, I used a ruler and cut down both sides to create a strip of clay that is even and about 1.5 inches thick.  Then scratch to attach the edge of one of the hearts and one edge of the strip of clay and attach them together.  Use a tool or your finger along the inside of the box to smooth out the connection.   Now decorate your heart box using tools, stamps and textures.  If you add any parts on, be sure to scratch to attach them on well.  These are great to fill with candy and give to the one you love on Valentine's Day!
!!!B CR8IV!!!


  1. Thanks for posting this! After I saw it, I decided to have all of my 4th graders make slab boxes. It's been going really well, and the kids are enjoying it!
    ~Jessica (

  2. glad to hear its going well! Slab boxes are super simple and are always a great finished project! enjoy!